Vital Things to Know Before You Go Scuba Diving


For you diving expedition in Malta, we suggest that you hire the services of a good diving institute. There are many such institutes in Malta that offers extensive courses on diving. They have beginners course as well as advanced courses as well.


You can enroll into anyone of them. Unless you wish to become a certified instructor yourself, the beginners level is good for you. Here, you will be taught how to dive, the signs and symbols of communication underwater and how to navigate underwater. When you go for the dive, there will be an instructor with you who will show you around so that you get to enjoy the life under. It is an enthralling experience to say the least. One should try it at least once.


Before you try out diving Malta you should keep two vital things in mind. Firstly, you should be fit and active. We are not saying that you should have 8-pack body and all. But you need to be fit.


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Many of us are unfit and cannot carry out daily household chores because we are overweight. When you put on weight, it becomes difficult to breathe underwater even though you will have an oxygen tank with you. Chances are you will uneasy.


An unfit body will not be able to bear the weight of the scuba diving gear and the oxygen tank for long. You will get fatigued easily. To make sure that this does not happen with you and you can enjoy your diving expedition; we suggest that you try out meditation and breathing exercises for at least one month prior to your dive.



There is no need to get enrolled in a gym; you can opt for common exercises like walking, jumping, running, cycling, swimming to improve your stamina and strength.


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The second thing that you need to concentrate on is what to eat before and after you go for your dive. Research shows that you should not eat too much before you go for the dive because you might feel nauseous when you are underwater. It is better to have a light meal like some fresh fruits or fruit juice at the most.


Once you are back from the dive you need to get back your energy. And that is the time when you have a proper meal. Why don’t you ask your instructor to share a diet chart that you need to follow? This will help you to lose weight before the dive and you will know exactly what to eat and what to avoid so that you enjoy your dive thoroughly.


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