10 Must-Have Travel Essentials 2023


Do you procrastinate when packing or get stressed at the last minute? You always leave some of the travel essentials behind. Please don’t feel bad, though, because even the most organized traveler can sometimes find it hard to figure out what travel essentials to bring. This list of travel essentials will save you some time and headaches.


Packing cubes

Packing cubes are great travel essentials because it helps you organize everything inside your suitcase. It comes with different sections, so searching for one item won’t lead you to mess it up.

Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories


Sleeping mask

This highly underrated item gives you comfort at home and while traveling. This sleeping mask must be on top of your travel essential list if you struggle to sleep due to being light-sensitive.

SleepSloth Sleep Eye Mask



Before traveling, be sure you have your power bank in your handbag. This way, you can quickly charge your mobile phone, especially when you spend a lot of time away from your accommodation.

Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K)


WEGO - Discover the real value of travel


Purse  or Crossbody sling

A small bag is essential when traveling for an entire day outside. Bring a small one that is hard to open or has smaller compartments where you can hide your wallet and phone.

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag



A wallet is a travel essential, especially when you’re out and about. Smaller wallets are easier and safer to carry during the day, fitting into small bags or in your pockets.

Fjallraven – Passport Wallet


Book or Kindle

Books are for those endless flights and airport layovers where you can’t sleep. The Kindle Paperwhite is also a great alternative because it’s a compact device that will give you the same excitement as reading a traditional book without the extra weight.

Kindle Paperwhite (16 GB)


Toiletry Bag

This is the most necessary out of all travel essentials because it’s your source of hygiene. Opt for a waterproof toiletry that’s big enough to stuff everything you need. 

BAGSMART Toiletry Travel Bag


WEGO - Discover the real value of travel


Emergency kit

It’s always good to be prepared for accidents or emergencies. A little first-aid kit would be a real lifesaver, especially when you are on an outdoor adventure or in a foreign country.

Prepared 94 Piece Small First Aid Kit



Another must-have essential for every traveler is headphones. Get one with a noise-canceling feature that will help you sleep, or when you’re in any noisy place, you may find yourself.

Sony WH-1000XM5


Waterproof jacket

It’s always good to be prepared. A waterproof jacket is a great travel essential to add to your suitcase.


33,000ft Packable Rain Jacket


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