Things To Do In Pamukkale On Holidays


In Pamukkale, Turkey there are several types of thermal waters, is possible here great range of health, rehabilitation and therapeutic procedures. Selection of the most suitable mineral water and appointment procedures needed to treat is made individually for each tourist.

Among the procedures that are assigned travelers in Pamukkale highly qualified doctors and tested strictly under their supervision, may not only drink a prescribed thermal water and swim program in a thermal pool. In Pamukkale also offers mud medication. Types and quantities of mud procedures will depend on the type of disease and duration of your stay in Pamukkale. Here in Pamukkale, maybe even mud undergo gynecological diseases.

Natural travertine pools and terraces in Pamukkale. Cotton castle in southwestern Turkey

Rejuvenation treatment is very popular in Pamukkale. The program for the rejuvenation of the body is not only offers leisure fitness course with the traditional visit to the solarium, but special procedures for stress, as well as paraffin and mud baths help to restore energy balance and the removal of toxins from the body.


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Here in Pamukkale, also offers a series of procedures to rejuvenate the face and skin, designed by world renowned institution and CLARINS based on application of the original medical cosmetics CLARINS.

In Pamukkale, tourists can also undergo a weight loss treatment courses. As part of a weight loss program for patients in Pamukkale offers mud and paraffin baths, all kinds of classical massage, special therapeutic exercises, floral baths, underwater gymnastics, as well as losing weight with the help of special medical equipment.

To carry out physiotherapy in Pamukkale from the following medical equipment: radar, ultrasound, high-frequency infrared equipment, shortwave diathermy. For treatment in Pamukkale also apply techniques such as paraffin baths, underwater massage, conducted under pressure, stretching the neck and waist, intravenous and intramuscular injections, treatment of cold shower, electrotherapy.


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Before going for treatment in Pamukkale

If you are going to stay in Pamukkale and plan to go there a course of treatment or treatments, do not forget to consult in advance with your doctor. As with any other medical procedures in the thermal waters of Pamukkale and therapeutic courses offered at this resort has its contraindications, though there are not many. So if you want to spend your vacation in Pamukkale most efficiently and with maximum health benefits, then prepare for it in advance.
The tourism industry in Pamukkale also goes towards tourists, making all to all who came to Pamukkale could fully relax and therefore, treatment and rehabilitation of the body stay in Pamukkale is not limited. Tourists are offered numerous trips to historical sights and many other attractions, so that everyone can find something interesting to do in their spare time treatments.

Hierapolis, Pamukkale/Denizli, Turkey

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