The Best Comfortable Travel Blankets That You Should Own


The best travel blanket does not just make you feel warm and comfortable while you travel, but it should also pack down compactly, so it is easier for you to store it in your backpack or luggage. Of course, it also needs to be the right size for you and provide an excellent level of comfort no matter where you might be. If you’re thinking of purchasing a packable travel blanket for your next travel adventure, then this guide is something you should read.

AJP 12-Volt Best Heated Travel Blanket

This travel blanket is perfect in keeping you warm as well as giving you comfort during a long road trip. This heated travel blanket can be plugged and heats up quickly. It also comes with a 96-inch long cord, so anyone sitting in the back seat can easily reach it. Although this travel blanket is one of the heaviest in this list, you wouldn’t have to worry about the weight because it would most likely be kept in your vehicle anyway.

AJP Distributors 12V Car Truck Heated Blanket Electric Fleece

Zideli Travel Blanket and Pillow Combo Set

If you prefer a travel blanket and pillow combo, then this one is something you should consider. This travel blanket set includes an inflatable velvet neck pillow, a large eye mask, earbuds, and of course, a blanket. This set from Zideli will provide you the best possible rest you can get while you’re traveling. Plus, it comes with a pillow-bag with a zipped pocket and fleece on one of the sides, so you can also use this as a pillow if needed. The carry bag has an adjustable strap so you can simply attach it to your luggage for easy carrying.

ZIDELI Travel Blanket – 4-in-1 Luxury Travel Set

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

Made from a premium soft micro-plush material, this super soft and comfy travel blanket will provide you comfort and warm on your travels. It also comes with a pouch, a hand luggage belt, and a backpack clip, making it super convenient to take on your travels. Plus, you can even use it as a pillow when folded. This travel blanket is machine-washable too, so it’s easy to clean.

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow

Cocoon Coolmax Travel Blanket

Small and ultra-light, this travel blanket, which comes with its stuff-sack, is perfect for the car, bus, and plane travel. At 55 x 70 inches, this polyester blanket is one of the biggest on this list. Despite its large size, it folds down nice easily and won’t take up much room in your bag. Plus, it is made from a mid-weight CoolMax knit, which will keep you nice and warm on your travel.

Cocoon CoolMax Blanket

Cashmere Travel Blanket and Shawl

Made from a 100% authentic cashmere, this travel blanket is incredibly warm, soft, and smooth. It has ribbed edges and wrinkle resistant features too. Plus, you can also use this as a shawl, which gives you a perfect way to cover your shoulders or chest when visiting religious places. Since this is made with a super-lightweight material, rest assured that you can easily roll down and pack this travel blanket and won’t consume much room in your carry-on luggage.

100% Cashmere Travel Wrap Shawl for Women

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